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​Trane's XL20i, with its dual compressors, is like having two systems in one.

​ In a two-stage cooling system, the compressor in the air conditioner can operate at two different speeds. The first speed is ideal for mild days, and is used most of the time. By running for longer periods at this slower, more efficient speed, a two-stage unit can create steadier, more even temperatures throughout your home. It will also operate with less noise and give you greater control over indoor humidity. But during those times when you need a cooling boost, such as hot days or while entertaining guests, the compressor will automatically switch to the higher speed to keep the comfort coming.

​For the next level in efficiency, the Trane XL201 has two ClimaTuff® compressors. The load is split between the compressors for either ultra-efficient 50% capacity or ultra-powerful 100% capacity. This dual compressor technology is Energy Star® qualified and only Trane offers it.