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DITEK Surge Protectors

​Merv 13 Grill Filters

REME Halo LED Air Purifier

Condensate Safety Switches

Programmable, Dehumidifying

WiFi Thermostats

There are many accessories available for the typical home air conditioning system, most importantly thermostats,, air filters, condensate safety switches (float switches) and surge protectors.

Thermostats: We install Honeywell brand thermostats due to their reliability and ease of use. The most useful thermostats feature dehumidification and WiFi accessibility through your pc, smartphone or tablet.

Filters: We install Honeywell extended life Merv 13 filters installed at the grills. These filters can last up to 6 months and are very effective and easy to replace. Many contractors install whole house type filters at the air handler which also provide extended life, but since they are installed at the air handler, the return air ducts operate unfiltered and unprotected. The return air ducts should always be filtered at the grills.

Surge Protectors: We install DITEK surge protectors as a standard accessory on every replacement air handler and condenser we install. Many contractors only install them as accessories after the installation. If they are a necessary option, why don't they include them at installation? Surge protectors are necessary and should be installed on each condenser or air handler that do not have one.

Condensate Safety Switches (Float Switches): Safety Float switches are required by code on all new air conditioning systems. We install three (3) safety float switches on all horizontal systems installed in attics and two (2) on all vertical systems in closets. We recommend these redundancies to minimize the chances of a water leak from your air conditioner. If your system only has one (1) or no (0) safety switches we recommend installing redundant switches as a safety measure.

UV Lights: UV lights and other air purifiers such as REME HALO LED Air Purifier have specific applications and are not required on all systems. Customers with respiratory ailments or houses with smoking or cooking odors may benefit from these accessories but they are not required in all applications. Some UV lights and air purifiers may also help in minimizing the virus that causes COVID-19.

Extended Warranties; We offer a wide variety of manufacturer's extended warranty options. This not only offers peace of mind but assurance today of what your cost tomorrow will be to keep your family comfortable. Many of thee warranties are transferable and can be customized. We can help you select the protection that best fits your purchase.

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