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As with all electro-mechanical systems, proper maintenance of your air conditioning system is most important for system reliability, efficiency, and longevity.   In our hot, humid Southwest Florida climate our air conditioning systems operate under very stressful conditions, and without a comprehensive maintenance program system troubles can occur in short time periods.  Below is a list of system components that must be maintained:

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Each maintenance service is documented and stored in our customer database.  Most of the system readings taken during a maintenance serve as a benchmark from which we can identify trends such as refrigerant leaks, duct problems or electric motor decline.  We service and maintain all brands and types of air conditioning, heating and dehumidification systems.

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  • Condensate Drain Line(s)
  • Condensate Safety Switches
  • Return Air Filters
  • Coil Cleanliness
  • Refrigerant Charges
  • Electrical Connections and Loads
  • Heater Operation
  • Thermostat Function
  • Duct System Condition and Capacity