Cold Air While We Repair

  • Check your breakers. Components on the verge of failure, storm and power surges will sometimes trip the breakers.

  • Check your filters. Make sure it is clean. A dirty filter can block airflow and freeze up the unit; it cannot be serviced until it is thawed.


  • If you have an ice buildup on the insulated copper line (black in color) running from the condenser into the house, the indoor unit could be frozen. Turn the unit off, check your filter and change it if needed, let it thaw and see if it stays cooling properly. If not, you probably have a refrigerant leak and the unit will have to be serviced.
  • System Design
  • Dehumidification Solutions
  • Duct Leakage Testing
  • Energy Calculations
  • Load Calculations
  • Air Flow Verification


Your home's HVAC system should provide adequate ventilation, comfortable indoor temperatures year round, and clean, healthy air for you and your family to breathe. If it's not, we can tell you why. We use a Whole House Approach when diagnosing an air conditioning system. This is because your home is a complex system made up of equipment and devices all designed to work together. So no matter if your home is too hot, indoor air is too humid, you have respiratory problems, your home is dusty or your utility bills seem too high. Your concerns could be the result of faulty duct work, poor insulation, improperly sized equipment or a combination of these factors. Some of the tests that we can use to diagnose your system are:

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

At Superb Mechanical Services,Inc. dba Reynolds Home Comfort your comfort matters. So, If your air conditioning system fails to operate properly, we have a few air conditioning troubleshooting tips that you can check on your own.


WARNING: A vertical unit inside a home that is frozen and allowed to thaw can drip water and cause damage to flooring. Please take precautions by placing a bucket below the area while the unit is thawing.

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