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Energy Savings and Comfort Tips

The HVAC industry continually responds to global needs to conserve energy by improving the efficiency, performance and environmental friendliness of cooling and heating equipment.  The changeover to the greener R-410A refrigerant from the outdated R-22 refrigerant was an important step to help phase out the damage caused by older refrigerants to the ozone layer.  Today all residential and light commercial air conditioning and heat pump systems installed by Superb use R-410A refrigerant.  In addition to the use of the newer environmentally friendly refrigerants, the Department of Energy also increased the minimum SEER rating for Residential and Light Commercial product to 14 SEER.  Today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promotes high efficiency, environmentally friendly products through its Energy Star Program.  

Energy savings and comfort are being greatly improved today through the use of advanced technology with the use of smart thermostats, improved filtration, high efficiency motors and variable capacity cooling and heating systems.  Variable capacity, inverter drive systems can adjust their capacity in response to the external cooling or heating load on the structure which greatly improves comfort by maintaining constant temperature and humidity.  Please go to the Services  tab and scroll down to Comfort for more detailed information on variable capacity systems.

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